Four-Bedder at Ardmore Park Sells for $2.65 Million Profit

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In the world of real estate, certain properties stand out not just for their architectural beauty but also for the significant returns they bring to their owners. One such property is a four-bedder at Ardmore Park, which recently sold for a remarkable $2.65 million profit. This article delves into the details of this sale, explores the factors contributing to such a high profit margin, and examines the broader implications for the luxury real estate market.

What Makes Ardmore Park Special?

Ardmore Park is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. Nestled in one of Singapore’s most prestigious residential enclaves, it attracts affluent buyers from around the globe. But what exactly sets Ardmore Park apart from other high-end properties?

Location, Location, Location

Situated in District 10, Ardmore Park offers unparalleled access to prime amenities. Residents enjoy proximity to Orchard Road, the city’s premier shopping belt, as well as top-tier schools, fine dining establishments, and lush greenery.

Architectural Excellence

Designed by the renowned architect, Paul Rudolph, Ardmore Park is a testament to architectural brilliance. The modernist design, coupled with spacious layouts, ensures that every apartment offers a blend of comfort and style.

Premium Facilities

From state-of-the-art fitness centers to expansive swimming pools, Ardmore Park provides residents with a plethora of amenities. The facilities are meticulously maintained, contributing to the property’s allure.

The Record-Breaking Sale

Details of the Transaction

The four-bedroom unit at Ardmore Park was sold for $10 million, a staggering figure that translates to a $2.65 million profit for the seller. This transaction has set a new benchmark in the luxury real estate market.

Buyer and Seller Profile

The buyer, a high-net-worth individual from overseas, was attracted by the property’s prime location and luxurious features. The seller, having held the property for several years, capitalized on the market’s upward trend.

Market Conditions

The luxury real estate market in Singapore has been on an upswing, driven by limited supply and high demand. This sale reflects the broader trends within the market, where premium properties command top dollar.

Factors Contributing to the High Profit

Strategic Timing

One of the key factors behind the high profit was the strategic timing of the sale. The seller took advantage of favorable market conditions, ensuring a substantial return on investment.

Property Enhancements

Over the years, the property underwent several enhancements, including modern interior upgrades and technological installations. These improvements significantly increased the property’s value.

Exclusive Neighborhood

Ardmore Park’s reputation as a highly coveted address also played a crucial role. Properties in exclusive neighborhoods tend to appreciate faster, offering better returns to investors.

Implications for the Luxury Real Estate Market

Increased Interest from Foreign Buyers

This sale underscores the growing interest from foreign buyers in Singapore’s luxury real estate market. The stability of the country’s economy and the appeal of its high-end properties continue to attract international investors.

Rising Property Values

The significant profit from this sale indicates a trend of rising property values in luxury segments. Investors can expect continued appreciation, making high-end real estate a lucrative investment.

Shift in Buyer Preferences

There is a noticeable shift in buyer preferences towards properties that offer a blend of luxury, convenience, and exclusivity. Developers are likely to focus on creating such properties to meet market demand.

FAQs About Ardmore Park and Luxury Real Estate

1. What amenities are available at Ardmore Park?

Ardmore Park offers a range of amenities, including a fitness center, swimming pool, tennis courts, and landscaped gardens.

2. Why is Ardmore Park considered a prime location?

Its proximity to Orchard Road, top schools, and various dining and entertainment options make Ardmore Park a highly sought-after address.

3. What factors contribute to high property values in Ardmore Park?

The combination of strategic location, luxurious facilities, and architectural excellence contributes to the high property values in Ardmore Park.

4. Are foreign buyers interested in Singapore’s luxury real estate market?

Yes, Singapore’s stable economy and attractive property offerings continue to draw interest from foreign buyers.

5. How do property enhancements affect resale value?

Enhancements such as modern interiors and technological upgrades can significantly increase a property’s resale value.

6. What is the outlook for Singapore’s luxury real estate market?

The market is expected to remain strong, with rising property values and increased interest from both local and international buyers.


The sale of the four-bedder at Ardmore Park for a $2.65 million profit is a testament to the lucrative potential of Singapore’s luxury real estate market. As demand for exclusive properties continues to rise, investors can look forward to substantial returns. Whether you’re a prospective buyer or a seasoned investor, the allure of properties like Ardmore Park remains undeniable.