Discovering the Gem: Freehold Hotel on Lorong 12 Geylang Up for Sale at $120 Million

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The vibrant district of Geylang in Singapore is renowned for its bustling streets, rich cultural heritage, and diverse culinary scene. Amidst this lively backdrop lies a hidden gem—a freehold hotel nestled along Lorong 12 Geylang. The property has recently emerged on the market, offering investors a lucrative opportunity to own a piece of this dynamic locale. With its strategic location and promising potential, the sale of this hotel has stirred significant interest within the real estate community.

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Unveiling the Property: A Closer Look at the Freehold Hotel

Location and Accessibility

Situated in the heart of Geylang, the freehold hotel enjoys prime accessibility to key amenities and transportation hubs. Its strategic position provides guests with convenient access to various attractions, shopping centers, and dining establishments. Moreover, proximity to major expressways ensures seamless connectivity to other parts of the city, making it an ideal choice for both business and leisure travelers.

Architectural Charm and Design

Boasting an exquisite architectural design, the hotel exudes charm and sophistication at every turn. From its elegant facade to meticulously crafted interiors, every detail reflects a blend of modern luxury and timeless elegance. The property features well-appointed rooms, state-of-the-art facilities, and thoughtfully curated spaces, offering guests a comfortable and memorable stay experience.

Investment Potential and Opportunities

With Singapore’s thriving tourism sector and robust economy, investing in the hospitality industry presents promising opportunities for growth and returns. The freehold status of the hotel further enhances its investment appeal, providing long-term stability and value appreciation. Whether it’s capitalizing on the burgeoning tourism market or exploring redevelopment possibilities, the property offers investors a myriad of avenues to maximize their ROI.

Market Analysis and Trends

In recent years, Geylang has emerged as a coveted destination for real estate investment, thanks to its strategic location and urban revitalization efforts. The area has witnessed a surge in property demand, driven by factors such as gentrification, infrastructure development, and evolving consumer preferences. As such, the sale of the freehold hotel on Lorong 12 Geylang comes at a opportune time, amidst a favorable market outlook and growing investor interest.

Competitive Landscape

In a competitive market landscape, the freehold hotel stands out as a unique proposition, offering unparalleled value and potential for discerning investors. Its prime location, freehold tenure, and upscale amenities set it apart from other properties in the vicinity, positioning it as a lucrative investment opportunity. With its compelling value proposition and strong market fundamentals, the hotel is poised to attract savvy investors seeking to capitalize on Singapore’s dynamic real estate market.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the asking price for the freehold hotel on Lorong 12 Geylang?

  • The asking price for the hotel is set at $120 million, reflecting its premium status and investment potential in the market.

2. What amenities does the hotel offer to guests?

  • The hotel boasts a range of amenities, including well-appointed rooms, dining outlets, recreational facilities, and event spaces, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for guests.

3. Are there any redevelopment opportunities associated with the property?

  • Yes, the freehold status of the hotel opens up possibilities for redevelopment or refurbishment projects, allowing investors to unlock additional value and capitalize on evolving market trends.

4. How does the hotel’s location contribute to its investment appeal?

  • The hotel’s strategic location in Geylang offers proximity to key amenities, transportation networks, and tourist attractions, making it an attractive investment proposition with strong rental demand and capital appreciation potential.

5. What sets this freehold hotel apart from others in the market?

  • The hotel distinguishes itself through its prime location, freehold tenure, upscale amenities, and promising investment opportunities, making it a standout choice for investors seeking premium assets in Singapore’s real estate landscape.

6. What are the financing options available for potential buyers interested in acquiring the hotel?

  • Potential buyers can explore various financing options through banks, financial institutions, or private lenders, tailored to their investment objectives and financial capabilities.


In conclusion, the sale of the freehold hotel on Lorong 12 Geylang presents a compelling opportunity for investors to enter Singapore’s thriving hospitality market. With its prime location, architectural charm, and investment potential, the property embodies the essence of luxury living and promising returns. As Geylang continues to evolve and flourish, investing in this vibrant locale offers a gateway to long-term growth and prosperity in the dynamic landscape of Singapore’s real estate sector.

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